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Joseph P Kalfsbeek


​​Joseph Kalfsbeek is an Information Technology Specialist in the Water Mission Area Project Management Office.​ 

​​Joe joined the USGS in 1992 as a student trainee in hydrology learning the basics of data collection traveling around the state of Alaska, spending time in the lab washing water quality sample bottles and loading historic site visit information into ADAPS. He quickly demonstrated a knack for understanding the computer needs of the Alaska Science Center performing a variety of duties from troubleshooting real-time data flows, becoming a database administrator, helping with system administration duties, and managing the web presence. During this time he also earned a Bachelors in Mathematics and Computer Science. 

​ ​Joe’s web-related work caught the eye of national teams and he joined the NWISWeb team 1999, helping to release that application in 2001. Starting as a developer for NWISWeb, his skills and knowledge allowed him to take on various roles including development lead, operational lead, and eventual team leader of NWISWeb through the 2000's.  

​​In 2011, Joe joined the Commercial ADAPS Replacement Project (CARP) and helped in laying the foundation of project management practices, implementing the initial architecture, and defining the NWIS Connections. He helped close that project by leading the rollout process. During this time, Joe completed a degree for master of science in project management in 2012. With his experience on CARP, Joe is providing guidance and leadership to the new AQUARIUS Samples Integration Project (ASIP).  

​Joe was involved in the creation of the Water Project Management Office, helping in workforce planning, contributing to the project management framework, and starting the management review process. Because of his success with CARP and ASIP, Joe was asked to lead a currently active project to implement a new Laboratory Information Management Solution for the WMA labs.