Kelly R McPherson

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), data processing and web professional with experience in cartography, mapping, illustration, and dissemination of water data resources to the public through web media and email data requests.


In 1991, I began my career as a hydrologic technician surveying and processing GIS datasets with what was then the California District. Because of my focus on geography, in 1995, my title changed from a hydrologic technician to a geographer.  In this role, I extended my geographic focus to include web-based applications for our cooperators to access data remotely. In 2005, I set up an ArcIMS server to allow the USGS and cooperators access to data and mapping tools. As technology changed, I have (and continue to) migrate access to data using these tools, and migrate web based applications to an up-to-date platform. To make data more accessible to cooperators and the public, I have been part of a team implementing National Water Information System data across the web via Google Maps. And from 2009 to 2011, I managed a project to analyze bathymetric surveying methods used at Loch Lomond Reservoir. These survey methods will become a baseline for bathemetric data collection in similar reservoirs.


  • 2009 to 2011, Project development and management for the Loch Lomond Reservoir study area.
  • 2000 to present, website page development for multiple projects throughout the state.
  • 1990 to present, Geographer for multiple projects throughout the state.
  • 1990 to 2003, surveyor for flood inundation, river channel research, and gaging station references.   


Geospatial mapping made available to the public through web interface and creation of USGS standardized web products made simple for individuals with little to no experience with web products.



  Ground-water Ambient Monitoring and Assessment GIS, programming and web support for water quality research in California.

  Mojave Water Resources Development of a website to support water-level and land-subsidence research in the Mojave and Morongo drainage basins.

  Optimum Basin Management in San Bernardino GIS and web support for ground-water modeling and optimum basin management research in the San Bernardino basin.

  Owens Valley - GIS and web support for ground-water modeling research in the Owens Valley.

  San Diego Hydrogeology - GIS and web support for ground-water modeling research in the San Diego region.

  Temecula - Web support for ground-water modeling research in the Temecula area.