Kevin M Hubbs


As a senior Hydrologic technician, I have twenty plus years of progressively responsible technical and team experience in the USGS, including: training and oversight of junior Hydrologic Technicians and Hydrologists, assisting managers with development of data collection programs, communicating with cooperators, and providing technical support to a variety of scientific investigations.  I have experience in a wide array of hydrologic data collection and data management techniques, as well as in presenting technical material to cooperators and colleagues.

As Supervisory Hydrologic Technician in the Fayetteville Field Office, I oversee a group of hydrologic technicians, hydrologists and student technicians. This includes planning and scheduling all work activities for surface water and water quality in Northwestern Arkansas.

I have experience in making discharge measurements under a variety of conditions with a wide range of equipment. I have performed surface water reviews at other USGS offices. I have developed stage discharge relationships and index velocity ratings.  I have prepared discharge and stage data for the annual data report.

As Hydroacoustics Specialist for the state of Arkansas I oversee all Hydroacoustics work.  This includes overseeing ADCP (acoustic Doppler current profilers) measurements and ADV (acoustic Doppler Velocimeter) measurements.  I also advise staff members on new policy memos and techniques for Hydroacoustics measurements.

I have experience in collecting water quality samples under a variety of conditions with a wide range of equipment.  I have measured water quality parameters using a wide range of equipment.  I have prepared water quality data for the annual data report.



1987-1989 Florida Community College

Associate Degree


Work Experience

U.S. Geological Survey, WRD Jacksonville Fl

12/88-8/89       Hydrologic Aid—Checking discharge measurements and entering into ADAPS and storing        and processing digital tape data.

U.S. Geological Survey, WRD Tampa Fl

8/89-5/93 Hydrologic Technician—Stage and discharge collected in a wide range of conditions.  Experienced in collecting of GPS data including locations (latitude-longitude) and elevation of sites using GPS for several hydrologic studies.  Maintained and serviced specialized instruments for an ET study. Participated in semi-annual potentiometric-surface mapping.

U.S. Geological Survey, WRD Baton Rouge LA

5/93-6/95 Hydrologic Technician—Measured daily discharge averaging 630,00 cfs on the Mississippi River.  Measured urban storm-water for East Baton Rouge Parish. Measured pH, specific conductance, dissolved oxygen, alkalinity, and temperature in a wide variety of geochemical environments.  Collected water and sediment samples from the Mississippi River and Atchafalaya Rivers for chemical, biochemical, biological, and sediment analysis.

U.S. Geological Survey, WRD Jacksonville Fl

6/95-4/96 Hydrologic Technician—Installed, maintained, and serviced index velocity recorders, and stage recorders. Run first order levels at new and existing stations. Stage and discharge collected in a wide range of conditions. Compute check and review stage discharge and complex discharge data for the annual data report. Performed site reconnaissance and procure necessary material for new surface water and ground water monitoring sites. Collected and processed data for monthly reports to cooperators.

U.S. Geological Survey, WRD Tampa Fl


As senior technician and team leader for the Tampa office, I helped coordinate field activities for Hydrologists and Hydrologic technicians. I coordinated continuous thirteen hour and twenty five hour discharge measurements at tidally-affected stream flow sites with multiple teams and at multiple gaging stations. I made ADCP measurements at a wide range of stage. I installed maintained and serviced index velocity stations, ground water stations, and stage-discharge stations.  I did site reconnaissance and procurement of necessary construction materials and equipment for new stations. I installed new gaging stations. I computed, checked, and reviewed complex discharge, stage discharge, and ground water data for the annual data report.   I used ground-water levels to estimate daily discharge from 1st order magnitude springs. I participated in semi-annual potentiometric-surface mapping.