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Michael Ierardi

Michael Ierardi is an IT Specialist with the USGS Water Resources Mission Area. 

Michael received an A.A degree in Geography and an A.A. degree in Cartography  from Montgomery College, along with a bachelors degree from the University of Maryland in Geography in 1987. He started working at the USGS, Reston, Virginia facility in 1989 with the Geologic Division - the Branch of Atlantic Marine Geology (BAMG). Michael maintained GIS and technical support for the Coastal Marine Program, the Wetlands Program and the Global Warming Program offices located in Woods Hole, Mass., St. Petersburg, Florida and Reston, Va. In 1993, he joined the USGS Office of Water Information (OWI), maintaining GIS support, technical information, IT related duties, and the production of official USGS publications for the WRD offices of - Publications Assistance Unit (PAU), Customer Relations & Communications (CRC), Water Informaton Coordination Program (WICP), National Water-Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA) and Water Information Computer Application Support (WICAS).         



Computer Advisory Board Liason for Water - CAB Member, 2008- present

Scientific and Technical Educational Development Member - STED Member, 2009-present

H2o Help Team, 2007-present

Lead Geospatiial Metadata Liason for Water Resources Divison, 2007-present

ArcGIS Talk , 1994-present

Adobe Illustrator Help, 2000-present

Area Safety Monitor Section A4, 2006-present

Art Hallway Committee Member, 2004-2010

Fine Arts Committee Member, 2003-2010