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Rachelle C. Johnson, Ph.D.

Rachelle (Shelley) C. Johnson is a Fish Biologist with the Fish Ecology Section of the Western Fisheries Research Center.

Shelley’s research interests stem from an overarching goal of understanding how natural and human-induced environmental change influence the structure and function of aquatic food webs. Her research utilizes a combination of laboratory experiments, field data collection, and modeling to quantify and better understand the food web processes that may pose limitations to the growth and production of native fishes in a variety of habitats. Current research projects use these methods to understand the impacts of invasive fish species to growth and production of native salmonids and evaluate food web limitations to the feasibility of introducing anadromous salmonids above high-head dams. Shelley has previously participated in research characterizing food web impacts following dam removal in the Elwha River, synthesizing science products and cost estimates for dam removals worldwide for the U.S. Geological Survey Dam Removal Science Database, and improving our understanding of barotrauma in fish associated with turbine passage at hydropower dams.