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Scott J Chiavacci, Ph.D.

Dr. Scott Chiavacci is an ecologist with the Science and Decisions Center.  He works on a range of interdisciplinary projects focused on conservation and natural resources management issues and strives to develop these projects around the needs of decision makers and stakeholders.

Ongoing projects

  • Measuring the economic impacts of chronic wasting disease in the U.S.
  • Creation of a how-to guide to help practitioners develop quantification tools for market-based conservation
  • Establishing an online database of quantification tools used in U.S. market-based conservation
  • Assessing the ecosystem services provided by freshwater mussels

Previous projects

  • Analyzing trends among quantification tools used for market-based conservation
  • Creation of a database of quantification tools used in U.S. biodiversity and habitat markets
  • Estimating the economic value of health benefits from using geologic data to communicate radon risk
  • Assisting the National Geospatial Program with project tracking and budget scenario modeling