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Timothy F Hoffman

Tim is a Hydrologic Technician at the New York Water Science Center.  

Tim currently works in the Water Quality Research Section of the New York Water Science Center.  He runs several projects relating surrogates such as turbidity and discharge to suspended-sediment concentration (SSC) in the Mohawk River and Esopus Creek watersheds.  He has extensive experience in streamgaging, suspended-sediment sampling, and turbidity/SSC regressions, and is keen to learn new technologies for the direct measurement of SSC.

Tim started his career as a Hydrologic Technician in the Data Section in Troy, New York, in March 2003.  From building streamgages to discharge-rating development to extreme flood-discharge measurements, he’s seen much of what makes the job of a Hydrologic Technician exciting and challenging.  He ran the Hudson River Salt Front Project for several years as well, estimating the daily location of the Salt Front (the freshwater/saltwater interface) along the Lower Hudson River.  More recently, he has been involved in surrogate studies relating turbidity and discharge to SSC and SSD (suspended-sediment discharge), developing regressions to estimate continuous SSC times series and daily SS loads.