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The Southwest Region includes California, Nevada, and Arizona. The Regional Office, headquartered in Sacramento, provides Center oversight and support, facilitates internal and external collaborations, and works to further USGS strategic science directions.

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Image: Tarpaper Shacks in Menlo Park, California

Tarpaper Shacks in Menlo Park, California

East front of the tarpaper shacks on the USGS Menlo Park campus, circa 1965 (with Chevy Corvair and 1950 Ford). During the early 1960s, three of the key scientists working on the theory of magnetic reversals operated in the Rock Magnetics Laboratory that was housed in these shacks. The Rock Magnetics Laboratory was designated a National Historic Landmark on October 12,

A view from atop a coastal bluff looking at a sandy beach, waves, and ocean, highlighting areas of movement.

Sunset Beach Camera 1 Bright Image

Video camera snapshot at Sunset State Beach in Watsonville, California, looking northwest. Learn more about the cameras and their imagery, and how we're using them to study coastal change.

View from the sky of a landscape with a river running through it, and the river is winding back and forth.

Mokelumne River Bathymetry

A winding strip of rainbow colors shows the bathymetry (depth) of the bed of the Mokelumne River just above its confluence with the San Joaquin in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta east of San Francisco Bay. USGS scientists mapped the channel as part of a project to

View of Merced River from webcam

Merced River at Happy Isles Bridge, Yosemite, CA Webcam

This webcam is located at the USGS stream-gaging station on MERCED R A HAPPY ISLES BRIDGE NR YOSEMITE. This station provides continuous monitoring of certain river conditions such as flow and stage. The webcam provides valuable information to Yosemite National


TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: Fire Stations in CA, NV, AZ as of 02/11/21

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: Fire Stations in CA, NV, AZ as of 02/11/21

Camera 1, Santa Cruz, California Main Beach time-averaged image from video camera looking at the sandy beach, pier, and ocean.

Santa Cruz Main Beach Webcam Time-Averaged Image

Video camera time-exposure image at Main Beach in Santa Cruz, California, looking eastward. Learn more about the cameras and how we're using them to study coastal change.