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April 12, 2024

The South Atlantic Water Science Center has updated the underlying geospatial data for South Carolina StreamStats in cooperation with the SC Department of Transportation.

South Carolina StreamStats was first released in 2018. Since then, newer lidar-derived elevation data has been collected for much of the state, along with updated lidar-derived streamlines in Georgetown and Charleston Counties. Based on these new data the digital elevation model, flow direction, flow accumulation, and mean basin slope geospatial layers (30-ft-pixel-resolution) for the SC study area have been updated. Along with updated foundational layers, new basin characteristic geospatial layers have been added. These include percent forested area, percent developed area, percent watershed storage, and percent impervious area from the 2019 National Land Cover Dataset. The datasets and additional metadata are available at Foundational Geospatial Layers for South Carolina StreamStats 2024 - ScienceBase-Catalog and Land Cover Basin Characteristics Rasters from NLCD 2019 for South Carolina StreamStats - ScienceBase-Catalog.

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