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Earthquake-Triggered Ground-Failure Inventories

September 1, 2017
map showing North America and South America with dots
Screenshot of the ArcGIS interactive map for Repository of Earthquake-Triggered Ground-Failure Inventories Web Application (interactive map) - put on Maps & Science-Coseismic Landslides.

The development of robust and transportable models requires access to numerous inventories of ground failure triggered by earthquakes that span a broad range of terrains, shaking characteristics, and climates. We present an openly accessible, centralized earthquake-triggered ground-failure inventory repository in the form of a ScienceBase Community to provide open access to these data, and help accelerate progress. The Community hosts digital inventories created by both USGS and non-USGS authors. We present the original digital inventory files (when available) as well as an integrated database with uniform attributes. We also summarize the mapping methodology and level of completeness as reported by the original authors for each inventory. Contact for more information on how to contribute inventories to this effort. Some inventories are available as seperate shapefile downloads on their corresponding event pages if the primary publication link does not contain the data whereas others may just contain links to the original data from their primary publications.