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Metadata Parser

July 25, 2022

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What does this tool do?

The Metadata Parser checks your FGDC-CSGDM compatible geospatial metadata record. The service will display errors and will generate several re-expressions of the metadata record. It also offers secondary validation such as link validation, USGS Thesaurus keyword validation, and more.

Who is the audience for this tool?

The primary audience for the Metadata Parser is USGS scientists or data managers who create and publish metadata, but the service can be useful to any users of the FGDC-CSGDM metadata standard who would like to check their metadata record for errors.

How do I get started?

Provide a metadata record that is formatted as XML or indented text. Results will show discrepancies between the structure of your metadata record and the expectation of the CSGDM-FGDC metadata standard and will show several potentially useful re-expressions of the metadata record itself.