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Ski Resort

Mount Bachelor's east facing ski slopes at sunrise....
Mount Bachelor's east facing ski slopes at sunrise.(Public domain.)

In 1958, Mount Bachelor was opened as a ski and recreation area. The formation of the ski area was lead by members of the Bend Skyliners Mountaineering Club who raised the start-up costs from residents of Bend, Oregon. The first chair lift was installed in 1962 with more being added into the 1970's. The recreation area continues to grow, and in 2013, a new 10-year master development plan was approved by the U.S. Forest Service to build a downhill mountain bike park, zip line, new lifts, enhance lodge amenities, and develop new trails. The likelihood of a volcanic eruption from Mount Bachelor affecting the ski area is relatively low, as the type of eruption that formed the mountain is typically a single-duration eruptive event. Although Bachelor may not erupt again in the future, it is possible that another vent may open along the trend of the existing volcanic chain or somewhere else in the volcanic field surrounding Mount Bachelor; alternatively, a more distant volcano could affect the ski area, such as from the Three Sisters to the north.