Technology Transfer

Availability of Intellectual Property for Licensing

The following intellectual property is available for licensing from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Reports of Invention (ROI) that are pending patent applications are also listed.

Note: Licenses may be negotiated as either exclusive or nonexclusive.

Video Transcript

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​​​​​​​The USGS field tested the use of a portable hand-held kit for the detection of the environmental DNA (eDNA) of Asian carps (bighead carp and silver carp) in water samples as part of on-going invasive species detection research. USGS Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (Public domain.)


Patented Technologies:

Title: Well Flowmeter and Down-Hole Sampler
Patent Number: 6,164,127
Exclusively Licensed

Title: Device for Sequestration and Concentration of Polar Organic Chemicals from Water
Patent Number: 6,478,961 B2
Nonexclusively Licensed

Title: Small-scale Hydrogen Oxidizing Denitrifying Bioreactor
Patent Number: 6,863,815 B1

Title: Method and Apparatus for Control of Aquatic Vertebrate and Invertebrate Invasive Species
Patent Number: 6,821,442 B1

Title: Reduction Device for Nitrate Determination
Patent Number: 7,157,059 B1
Exclusively Licensed

Title: Apparatus for Deploying and Retrieving Water Samples
Patent Number: 7,159,851 B1
Nonexclusively Licensed

Title: Use of Endophytic Fungi to Treat Plants
Patent Number: 7,232,565 B2
Exclusively Licensed

Title: Measurement of Surface Areas by Polyvinylpyrrolidine Sorption
Patent Number: 7,264,777 B1

Title: Method for the Removal of Phosphorus from Wastewater Using Acid Mine Drainage Sludge
Patent Number: 7,294,275 B1

Title: Pore-Water Sampler
Patent Number: 7,430,929 B1

Title: Method for the Removal of Phosphorus from Wastewater, etc.
Patent Number: 7,491,322 B1

Title: Enhanced Screen Auger Sampling System
Patent Number: 7,631,705 B1

Title: In-Well Baffle System
Patent Number: 7,757,757 B1

Title: Curvularia Strains and Their Use to Confer Stress Tolerance and/or Growth Enhancement in Plants
Patent Number: 7,906,313

Title: Pore-Well Profiler
Patent Number: 8,051,727 B1

Title: Spring Viremia of Carp Virus (SVCV) - DNA Vaccine [pSVCVnc]
Patent Number: 8,030,287 B2

Title: Anaerobic Microbial Composition and Methods of Using Same
Patent Number: 8,105,808 B2
Availability: Exclusively Licensed

Title: Apparatus to Assist in the Collection of Stormwater­ Quality Samples in a Vertical Profile
Patent Number: 8,286,512

Title: Composites Comprising Biologically Synthesized Nanomaterials
Patent Number: 8,431,640 B2
Exclusively Licensed

Title: Measuring Seawater Capacitance
Patent Number: 8,463,568

Title: Methods of Using Curvularia Strains to Confer Stress Tolerance and/or Growth Enhancement in Plants
Patent Number: 8,524,224
Exclusively Licensed

Title: Photographic Animal Counter for Monitoring Movement of Aquatic Animals
Patent Number: 8,651,057

Title:  Anaerobic Microbial Composition and Method of Using the Same (CIP)
Patent Number: 8,673,614

Title: A Spectral Method for Determining the Source of Expanded Vermiculite Insulation in Attics and Walls
Patent Number: 8,751,169

Title: Apparatus to Assist in the Collection of Stormwater-Quality Samples in a Vertical Profile
Patent Number: 8,935,965

Title: Artificial Recharge System
Patent Number: 9,011,689

Title: Fluid Sampling System
Patent Number: 9,181,799

Title: Nozzle Mixing Methods for Ship Ballast Tanks
Patent Number: 9,688,551
Exclusively Licensed

Title: Safe, Directional, Drought-resistant Dug Well (SDDW)
Patent Number: 9,689,235

Title: Automatic Surface Elevation Table (auto SET)
Patent Number: 9,696,197


Patent Applications:

Title: Handheld Underwater Suction Sampler
Application Number: 14/071,968

Title: Chemical Processes for Decreasing Cyanophyte Hepatotoxic Compounds and Maximizing Amino Acid Concentrations in Cyanobacteria Biomass
Application Number: 14/279,604

Title: Selectively Perceptible Wind Turbine System
Application Number: 14/964,386

Title: Device for Monitoring Subsurface Temperatures (Distributed Temperature Sensor TROD)
Application Number: 14/987,488
Availability: Exclusively Licensed

Title: Environmentally Sealed Dissolved Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Measurement System
Application Number: 15/407,095

Title: Method and Apparatus for Instantaneous 3D Mapping of a Fluid Surface in Dynamic Motion
Application Number: 15/582,772

Title: Enhancing Microbial Natural Gas Production from Coal Using Coal Oxidation and Selective Stimulation
Application Number: 15/604,986

Title: Subsurface Environment Sampler
Application Number: 15/615,794
Exclusively Licensed

Title: Method for Determining Grouped Focal Mechanisms for Populations of Microseismic Events from Reconciled Relative Polarity Measurements
Application Number: 15/646,090



Title: USGS Science for a Changing World
Number: 86039204