A new hot spot discovered in Yellow Stone National Park!

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Hot spot makes national news!

R. Greg Vaughan research scientist, with the U.S. Geological Survey, and others discovered  an emerging thermal area within Yellowstone National Park  in thermal infrared satellite imagery as a region of warm ground, this year, when the area had been a hillside of healthy trees in the 1990s.

The area is located along the northeast boundary of the Sour Creek dome, near West Tern Lake and can be seen at 44.6635° N latitude, 110.279° W longitude using Google Earth. The team is thrilled to have found the region in its infancy hoping to get answers, for example, about the formation and evolution of the thermal area, to further study it and make observations.  Find out what they have learned so far in the Caldera Chronicles.

Aerial view of the new thermal area, in the center left.

Aerial view of the new thermal area in the center left. Research conducted under NPS Geology Programs Milestones Permit 2016-9.