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Date published: September 13, 2019

A new hot spot discovered in Yellow Stone National Park!

Hot spot makes national news!

Date published: September 6, 2019

Astrogeology team finalizes work on MER mission

Spirit and Opportunity will be sorely missed.

Date published: September 3, 2019

Next Generation Lunar Rover Visits the Astrogeology Science Center!

See the next generation Lunar Rover prototype!


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Year Published: 2019

Report from the Ice and Climate Evolution Science Analysis group (ICE-SAG)

This document is the final report of the Ice and Climate Evolution Science Analysis Group (ICESAG) that was formed by the Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG) as part of its preparations for the upcoming NASA Planetary Science Decadal Survey for 2023 through 2032 (see §1). Through telecons, one face-to-face meeting, and discussions with...

Putzig, Than; Diniega, Serina; Dundas, Colin M.; Titus, Timothy N.

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Year Published: 2019

Active boulder movement at high Martian latitudes

Lobate stony landforms occur on steep slopes at high latitudes on Mars. We demonstrate active boulder movement at seven such sites. Sub-meter-scale boulders frequently move distances of a few meters. The movement is concentrated in the vicinity of the lobate landforms but also occurs on other slopes. This provides evidence for a new, common style...

Dundas, Colin M.; Mellon, Michael T.; Conway, Susan J.; Gastineau, Renaldo

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Year Published: 2019

Formation of pedestalled, relict lakes on the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Surface debris covers much of the western portion of the McMurdo Ice Shelf and has a strong influence on the local surface albedo and energy balance. Differential ablation between debris-covered and debris-free areas creates an unusual heterogeneous surface of topographically low, high-ablation, and topographically raised (‘pedestalled’), low-...

MacDonald, Grant J; Banwell, Alison F; Willis, Ian C; Mayer, David; Goodsell, Becky; MacAyeal, Douglas R