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Date published: November 19, 2020

USGS Astrogeology Embraces Virtual STEM Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Throughout the years, the USGS Astrogeology Science Center (ASC) has maintained active Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education and outreach programs. Rather than pausing STEM education and outreach activities during this time, the ASC has gone virtual, and adapted the development and delivery of STEM resources to the ‘new normal’ of 2020.

Date published: November 13, 2020

Curiosity Blogs: Sol 2942-2944: How much do you bench?

Yesterday’s drive brought us right up to a beautiful outcrop of layered rocks at “Stop 6” of our campaign to study the benches in this area, so we will spend the weekend doing everything we can to understand this outcrop. 

Date published: November 3, 2020

Curiosity Blogs: Sols 2931-2932: Stop and Go

Curiosity is on the road to the sulfate unit, but there are always stops on a road trip. The drive did not finish in the weekend plan, so today’s plan will include re-sequencing that drive. However, the operations team always keeps going and they created an impressive plan that includes contact science, remote science, and a drive. 


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Year Published: 2021

Exposure of an early to middle Noachian valley network in three dimensions on Mars

We document a set of channels in a section of the Martian cratered highlands located between crustal massifs northeast of Hellas Planitia that are visible in cross section and planview >200 m below the surface. The morphometry and spatial distribution of the outcrops provide concrete geological evidence of a dynamic aqueous system in a...

Skinner, James A.; Fortezzo, Corey M.; Mouginis-Mark, Peter J.

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Year Published: 2020

Compositional layering in Io driven by magmatic segregation and volcanism

The compositional evolution of volcanic bodies like Io is not well understood. Magmatic segregation and volcanic eruptions transport tidal heat from Io's interior to its surface. Several observed eruptions appear to be extremely high temperature (≥ 1600 K), suggesting either very high degrees of melting, refractory source regions, or intensive...

Spencer, Dan C; Katz, Richard F.; Hewitt, Ian J.; May, David A.; Kestay, Laszlo P.

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Year Published: 2020

Evaluating stereo DTM quality at Jezero Crater, Mars with HRSC, CTX, and HiRISE images

We have used a high-precision, high-resolution digital terrain model (DTM) of the NASA Mars 2020 rover Perseverance landing site in Jezero crater based on mosaicked images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (MRO HiRISE) camera as a reference dataset to evaluate DTMs based on Mars Express High...

Kirk, Randolph L.; Fergason, Robin L.; Redding, Bonnie L.; Galuszka, Donna M.; Smith, Ethan; Mayer, David; Hare, Trent M.; Gwinner, Klaus