Bay-Delta Science Conference Goes Virtual

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From April 6-9, 2021, more than 1,000 scientists, managers, and policymakers gathered virtually for the 11th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference.  This year’s conference "Building Resilience Through Diversity in Science" featured a plenary talk by California Water Science Center (CAWSC) Director Eric Reichard who is presently serving as Acting USGS Southwest Regional Director.

There was also a special memorial session for USGS Research Biologist, Dr. Larry Brown. During the conference, Dr. Brown was posthumously awarded the prestigious Brown-Nichols Science Award.

The conference was jointly sponsored by the U.S. Geological Survey, the Delta Stewardship Council, and the Interagency Ecological Program as a forum for presenting scientific analyses and results relevant to management of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The goal of the conference is to provide new information and syntheses to the broad community of scientists, engineers, resource managers, and stakeholders working on Bay-Delta issues.

Virtual presentations via Zoom from CAWSC scientists included:

  • Hydrodynamic Metrics to Evaluate Tidal Marsh Dynamics in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta - Paul Stumpner
  • Nutrient Status of San Francisco Bay - Erica Nejad
  • A View from the Landscape Scale: Using Spatial Variation of Nutrients and Phytoplankton Across the Delta to Identify Underlying Biogeochemical Processes - Brian Bergamaschi
  • Ecosystem Engineering Impacts of Invasive Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in the Delta - Judith Drexler
  • Variations in Microcosm Measured Bed Erodibility in Grizzly Bay and San Pablo Bay, Summer 2019, and Winter 2020 - David Hart
  • Hydrodynamics Drive Pelagic Communities and Food Web Structure in a Tidal Environment – Matthew Young
  • Dispersion and Stratification Dynamics in the Upper Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel - Leah Kammel Lenoch
  • Relative Catchability Bias Among Sampling Gears for Fish Species Within the San Francisco Estuary - Brock Huntsman
  • Current-use Pesticides in Zooplankton, Water, and Suspended Sediment Collected from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta - James Orlando

Poster presentations included:

  • Assessing Spatial Variability of Nutrients, Phytoplankton and Related Water Quality Constituents Using Python and GIS for Spatial Analysis of High-Resolution Data Across Scale in the California Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta - Jeniffer Soto Perez
  • Cyanotoxin Monitoring in the Delta: Leveraging Existing Efforts to Identify Cyanotoxin Occurrence, Duration, and Drivers - Angela Hansen and Tamara Kraus
  • Disentangling Stationary and Dynamic Estuarine Fish Habitat to Inform Conservation: Species-Specific Responses to Physical Habitat and Water Quality - Fred Feyrer
  • Effects of Projected Climate Change on Flooding and Water Temperatures of Yolo Bypass: Implications for Fishes and Ecosystem Function - Marissa Wulff (for Larry Brown)
  • Efforts to Document the 2020 Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta Microcystis Blooms - Emily Richardson
  • Underwater Videographic Observations of Domesticated Delta Smelt in Field Enclosures - Ethan Enos

For further information on this year’s conference, please visit the conference website.