Bird Banding Laboratory in the Media: The Wildlife Society

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The Bird Banding Lab’s biologists and songbird banding station were featured in a multimedia online article by The Wildlife Society.

A man's hands are seen, with a very small bird in one hand and pliers for applying bands in the other.

Danny Bystrak bands a Ruby-crowned Kinglet at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center’s long-term fall migration monitoring station. (Credit: Chelsea Steinbrecher-Hoffmann, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. Public domain.)

The Wildlife Society recently published an article titled “Research on the ground, change in the air,” featuring USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center’s fall migration songbird banding station managed by the Bird Banding Laboratory. The lab’s acting Chief, Jennifer Malpass, Ph. D, and Danny Bystrak were both featured in the article discussing the value of bird banding data as well as observations made at the banding station. Since Bystrak started the station in 1979 slightly more than 100,000 passerines and near passerines have been banded at the station. The full article can be found here.