GLSC Science Featured in DOI Newswave Spring and Summer 2019 issues

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GLSC Science and Images Featured by DOI.

DOI Newswave Publication Cover

The cover image for the Summer 2019 DOI Newswave issue.

(Public domain.)

GLSC science was featured in both the spring and summer 2019 issues of the Department of Interior’s (DOI) Newswave, a quarterly newsletter from the DOI featuring ocean, Great Lakes, and coastal activities across the Bureaus. The spring 2019 issue features two stories: Invasive Newly Hatched Grass Carp Confirmed in the Great Lakes Watershed (p. 14), by Patrick Kocovsky (GLSC) et al., and Scientists with SCUBA Skills Support Collaborative Science in the Great Lakes (p. 31), by Meredith Nevers (GLSC) and Wendy Smith (National Park Service). The summer 2019 photo edition, released this week during the annual Capitol Hill Ocean Week and just before June 8 World Oceans Day, includes numerous GLSC photos of native fish, dune ecosystems, and more.