Impact Of Rainy Summer On Chesapeake Bay Could Be Worse Than Originally Thought

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CBS Baltimore — September 10, 2018

"Fresh rain water is dumping into the Chesapeake Bay at record — and concerning — pace.

A soggy summer has taken a major toll on Maryland’s ecosystems, and scientists say its impact on the waterways could be worse than originally thought.

Maryland’s record-setting July rainfall had to go somewhere, and in August, it drained into the Chesapeake Bay at a rate that could permanently change the ecosystem.

“Some organisms in the Chesapeake Bay can be negatively impacted by really low salinity, oysters being one of them, clams being another. And those are the types of animals that can’t pick up and move to escape water conditions that aren’t conducive to them,” said Allison Colden, with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Colden says August freshwater flow shattered a 63-year record. U.S. Geological Survey data shows the levels well above normal. . ."

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