Mapping Challenge Update (9/26/19): Schools in Wayne Co, MI

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Mapping Challenge Update: Schools in Wayne County, Michigan

Schools in Wayne County, MI are coming along nicely!  Much progress has been made, though there's still more to be done.  For example, there's still several red points that our Standard Editors can help us research and confirm.  There's also a handful of green points for our Peer Reviewers and Advanced Editors to confirm as well. 

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Don't forget about the handy drop-down filters on the web editor's Edit tab.  Choose "Unedited Only" to see the red points, or "Edited Only" to see the green points.  Remember to filter by feature type as well.  Using both of these drop-downs will filter out schools that have already been approved (yellow) or advanced edited (purple).  

TNMCorps Web Editor Filters

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Reach out to us at with questions.  Thanks for all you do, and happy mapping!