New Study: Distribution of the Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog in Oregon

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USGS researchers are beginning a new technical assistance study to help identify the current distribution of Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs in Oregon.

The Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog (FYLF) is a species of concern and candidate for ESA listing. The invasive ringed crayfish and fungal pathogens (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis and B. salamandrivorans) are potential stressors to this species. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is scheduled to issue an ESA listing decision for the FYLF in fiscal year 2021. While the basic range extent is well established for this species, there is no recent information on status for historical and other potential sites on federal lands. The USFWS and BLM have asked USGS to provide current information on the distribution of FYLF and potential stressors to inform the ESA listing decision and management. Crews will conduct visual surveys and eDNA sampling at historic sites across the species’ range in Oregon, which includes areas in the Coast Range and west-slope Cascade Range.

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Date published: September 20, 2017
Status: Active

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