New Study: Golden Eagles in Yellowstone National Park and Their Role in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

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Golden eagles have only been recently studied in Yellowstone National Park and their status is still unknown.

To address regional and park concerns about golden eagle population status, USGS and NPS scientists are building a framework for a long-term monitoring program for golden eagles within Yellowstone National Park. Scientists are trapping and attaching telemetry units to golden eagles in Yellowstone National Park to track movement and demography. They are trying to identify the resource use and environmental drivers associated with reproduction and survival of golden eagles on the northern range of the Park by studying the food habits, toxicology, survival, and movement of these eagles. This research will help NPS and other federal and state managers make scientifically informed decisions for management of golden eagles. It will also help to build an understanding of the species, within the greater Yellowstone ecosystem and more broadly within the American West.

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Date published: November 6, 2017
Status: Active

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Contacts: Todd E Katzner