NOROCK EcoLunch Seminar Series

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NOROCK EcoLunch is a forum for students, researchers, visiting scientists and collaborators in the environmental sciences to present their current and past work. Presentations will range from brown bag discussions of ongoing projects to more formal and polished seminar presentations. 

Image of Nate Mikle.
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Date: Tuesday, May 2nd

Time:  12 p.m.  Mountain Time

Presenter: Nate Mikle, USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center

Title:  Archery hunting and scouting drives early fall migration and reduces high quality forage for elk with access to protected area refuge in southwest Wyoming
Abstract: Alteration of wide-ranging wildlife migrations can drastically impact the structure and function of ecosystems. However, the causes and consequences of shifting fall migration patterns remain largely unknown, despite the importance of nutrition during this time period for winter survival and reproduction. Here, we use 5 years of data from 73 female elk which utilize a landscape managed by 4 federal agencies, a state, and private landowners, to identify the driving factors behind the initiation of fall migration in two subpopulations, one of which migrates to a protected area where hunting is prohibited. Our results suggest that in areas where migratory ungulates span multiple jurisdictions, the benefits of migration may be dramatically impacted by unevenly distributed anthropogenic disturbance. As this is a common scenario globally, our work highlights the urgent need to improve our understanding of subtle changes in migratory behavior, both spatially and temporally, which may erode the resilience of migration to future change.


PLEASE NOTE:  the speaker will be presenting remotely from West Glacier and we will stream it from the First Floor Conference Room "Madison Room"- NOROCK, 2327 University Way, Suite 2.  (Click HERE for directions)


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Link: Please access and search for (5) NOROCK EcoLunch. Note, you will be asked to install the latest version of Java.

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EcoLunch Spring 2017 Schedule: 

May 2 - Nate Mikle, Biologist, USGS

May 16 - Robb Diehl, USGS