NOROCK EcoLunch Seminar Series

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NOROCK EcoLunch is a forum for students, researchers, visiting scientists and collaborators in the environmental sciences to present their current and past work. Presentations will range from brown bag discussions of ongoing projects to more formal and polished seminar presentations. 

Image of Robb Diehl
Image of Robb Diehl.
(Public domain.)

Date: Tuesday, May 16th

Time:  12 p.m.  Mountain Time

Presenter: Robb Diehl, USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center

Title:  Machine learning basics:  lessons learned and a real-world example
Abstract: The ecological sciences are experiencing a slow revolution in the way we gather data.  Increasingly, electronic sensors are replacing field personnel in the collection of data; for example, on weather, stream flows, animal movement, environmental sound, atmospheric chemistry, and much more.  As a result, today we collect orders of magnitude more data on a given system or process which creates both challenges and opportunities for quantification.  Automation can also influence the paradigm we use to approach data analysis.  Not surprisingly, technological advances in field instrumentation tend to occur in tandem with increases in computational power available to process these data.  This in turn has stimulated a proliferation of machine learning (ML) methods that traditionally are more the domain of computer science than statistics.  ML methods approach quantitative problem solving from a different philosophy than many statistics techniques, often (though not exclusively) by harnessing the power of “big data”.


Location:  First Floor Conference Room "Madison Room"- NOROCK, 2327 University Way, Suite 2.  (Click HERE for directions)


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