Photo and Video Chronology - Kīlauea - February 9, 2003

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Cascades on Paliuli


Fast-moving lava cascades directly below active gushing flow

Fast-moving cascades on Paliuli, 10-12 meter high, directly below active gushing flow of February 8. Lava feeds into crusted flow on flat at base of pali. These cascades have been active for several hours at least.

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Telephoto of what appears to be misfocus is heat scintillation.

Telephoto of eastern cascade on Paliuli. What appears to be misfocus is heat scintillation.

(Credit: , . Public domain.)

Freely flowing cascades of lava

Freely flowing cascades to left, same as shown above, abruptly joined by tumbling blocks at start of new cascade to right. New cascades formed by breakout from flow poised above top of Paliuli.

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Lava surface flow with cascades behind

Surface flow on coastal flat in foreground, with Paliuli cascades behind.

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Free flowing and continuous lava cascade

Cascade that developed from tumbling blocks in left image above is now freely flowing and continuous. Furtive photographer leaves scene in lower right.

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Diminishing cascade of lave

Original cascades continue to show their stuff, though a bit diminished, in dawning light. Compare with first image today.

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