Photo and Video Chronology - Kīlauea - September 21, 2006

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Lava breakout from the PKK lava tube at East Lae‘apuki.

Lava breakout from the PKK lava tube at East Lae‘apuki

(Sept 21, 2006, 18:00:02 to 00:00:05)

Between the morning of September 20 and the evening of September 22, 2006, there were 10 separate breakouts from the PKK lava tube. Each originated about 50 meters inland from the older sea cliff bounding the inboard edge of the East Lae‘apuki lava delta. This movie shows the most spectacular breakout of the series, which fed up to at least twenty separate lava cascades over the 15-meter-high sea cliff. This particular breakout started just after 4 p.m., when glare from the sun was at its worst. Thus, this movie sequence starts at sunset, when the view improves dramatically.

The images that make up this movie were acquired by a time-lapse camera positioned on the edge of the older sea cliff at the eastern end of the East Lae‘apuki lava delta.

Movie Details:
File size = 71.0 MB
Image interval = 1 minute
Playback speed = 10 frames/sec
Movie duration = 00:00:36

Camera Coordinates (WGS84):
Lat: 19.3133º
Long: -155.0555º
​​​​​​​View direction = ~248º

(Public domain.)