Save the Date! Sea Otters: Confessions of a Keystone Carnivore

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As part of the USGS Evening Public Lecture Series, WERC's Tim Tinker is giving a free "science talk" for the public on Thursday, 11/30/17 at 7PM PST. Watch live or online.

Sea Otters: Confessions of a Keystone Carnivore
by Tim Tinker, USGS Research Wildlife Biologist

• Sea otters are perhaps the best-known example of a "keystone predator".
• Sea otter behavior -- in particular diet specialization and limited mobility -- can mediate their effects on ecosystem dynamics.
• Other predators, especially large sea stars, can complement and reinforce the keystone role of sea otters: this became apparent with the loss of all sea stars from wasting disease.

Tim Tinker is a scientist with the USGS Western Ecological Research Center. Visit his research page to learn more about his projects.

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