Sol 2563: Touch-and-go… towards some impressive strata!

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Curiosity Rover Mission Update for Sol 2563.

Curiosity driving towards a good vantage point in Glen Torridon

Curiosity driving towards a good vantage point in Glen Torridon. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Curiosity is currently driving towards a good vantage point in Glen Torridon where we hope to assess the contact between two geologic units that were first identified from orbit, as seen in the above Navcam image. Since we’re approaching this transition, we want to make sure we get sufficient contact science to document any changes. Today’s plan includes contact science, a short science block, and a drive.

I was the SOWG Chair today, and it was a quick and straightforward planning day. We’ve implemented some new changes to our operations procedure to make things more efficient here on Earth. On Mars, Curiosity will begin her day with contact science on the target “Orkney” to assess the chemistry and sedimentary structures within a small block of bedrock. Then ChemCam will acquire a 10x1 raster across “Orkney,” and Mastcam will acquire three documentation images of the AEGIS targets from the weekend plan. Then Curiosity will take a short ~5 m drive to another small outcrop to prepare for even more contact science tomorrow. After the drive we’ll take post-drive imaging to prepare for upcoming targeting and driving. I can’t wait to see what these upcoming buttes reveal!

Curiosity acquired this image using its right-side navigation camera during mission Sol 2562, from the location it reached during sol 2559.

By Lauren Edgar