Women of Hazards Featured During Women’s History Month on @USGS_Quakes Instagram

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For Women’s History Month in March 2021 the @USGS_Quakes Instagram featured dozens of photos of female earthquake scientists and shout-outs with the hashtag #EarthquakeWomen from the Earthquake Science Center, Geologic Hazards Science Center and the Office of Communications and Publishing (OCAP).

person with hiking gear walking away from camera on a grassy trail

One of 37 photos posted on the @USGS_Quakes Instagram page during Women's History Month in 2021. This is Kate Scharer, Research Geologist in the Earthquake Science Center in California. (Public domain.)

A total of 37 awesome photos of female earthquake scientists from the ESC, GHSC and OCAP were featured along with dozens of other shout outs with the hashtag #EarthquakeWomen. The account gained hundreds of new followers throughout the month.

The photos were presented as "slide collections" on four posts:

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