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Camille Collett

I am a Geologist with the Earthquake Hazards Program and was recently on detail with the Office of Communications and Publishing as a Public Affairs Specialist.

I started at the USGS as a Support Geologist with the Earthquake Hazards Program (EHP) in December, 2019 where I help my team conduct research of active faults (primarily) in the Intermountain West via fieldwork, mapping and other desktop / GIS research methods and by maintaining field equipment and vehicles. Within this position I have contributed to projects related to the Eastern Tennessee Seismic Zone, the Wasatch fault zone, updates to the National Seismic Hazard Model, and more.

I manage USGS social media accounts and help with EHP, GHSC (Geologic Hazards Science Center), and general USGS science outreach, education, and communication by creating social media content, through local community outreach, with interactive ArcGIS storymaps (aka Geonarratives - see "Maps" below) and more.

From March-December 2021 I worked as a detailee with the Office of Communications and Publishing where I helped cover and communicate a variety of science happening within the USGS via media engagement, writing news releases and social media content, and more (see "News", below).

Science and good science communication to implement positive change and awareness are what I'm most passionate about. I love working at the USGS and connecting people to the important science we do.

Education and Certifications

  • University of Washington, Seattle - Masters in Earth and Space Science - 2015

  • University of California, Santa Barbara - Bachelors in Earth Science - 2012

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