Channel Complexity Synthesis - Trinity River Restoration Program

Science Center Objects

The Trinity River Restoration Program implements the Department of Interior directive to restore the fisheries of the Trinity River impacted by dam construction and related diversions. The multi-agency program is one of the nation’s largest adaptively managed river restoration efforts and requires periodic assessment to determine its effectiveness in restoring channel dynamics and habitat features. This study entails synthesizing prior assessments by compiling, reviewing and discussing during a series of workshops.

Sunrise on the Trinity River, Northern California

Sunrise on the Trinity River, Northern California

The objective is to provide recommendations regarding data gaps, new analytical approaches, hypothesis tests, and refinement of conceptual models that link physical processes, geomorphology and habitat structure to ecosystem functions that support native fish within Trinity River Restoration Program restoration reach. This work will support development of program science workplans and adaptive management objectives.

To achieve these objectives, California Water Science Center staff will provide technical assistance and guidance that will include review of project documents, participation in multi-day workshops, development of recommendations, and review of the final report. 

Milestones for the study include:

  • Compilation of studies, distribution
  • Individual review of studies
  • Development of preliminary findings
  • Draft Report production & review
  • Delivery of Final report

California Water Science Center staff will assist as needed throughout the duration of the project.