USGS Science Highlighted at Ecosystem Restoration Conference

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The critical role of science to support ecosystem restoration was highlighted at the 6th National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration (NCER). NCER is premier conference to bring together restoration managers and scientists to discuss innovative approaches to restore the Nation’s ecosystems.

The USGS, which has been a sponsor of NCER since its inception in 2004, was well represented:

  • The Director provided insightful remarks as a panel member of a Plenary session on “Linking Science to Decision making and Governance”
  • The USGS organized the plenary session on “Ecosystem restoration as a tool for enhancing resiliency and ecosystem services”
  • The USGS organized dedicated sessions on restoring the Northern Everglades, adaptive management in the Chesapeake ecosystem, using the paleo-record to understand resiliency, mercury and ecosystem restoration, pollutant loads to the Chesapeake Bay, and endocrine disruption in the Chesapeake watershed.
  • Multiple USGS presentations and posters on a wide range of science activities to support ecosystem restoration.

The Chesapeake was further highlighted on the opening plenary session “federal and state large-scale ecosystem restoration: implementation, political challenges, and lessons learned”

The conference brings together a unique mix of federal, state, academic, conservation organization, and consulting firms to discuss needs and approaches to improve the ecologic integrity and benefits of ecosystems across the Nation.

For more information about the sessions and talks visit the NCER 2016 Ecosystem Restoration In Action agenda.


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