Sedgwick Basin Oil and Gas Assessments

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Province Code: 5059

The Salina Basin Province (5059), covers an area of about 45,000 sq mi, consisting of the eastern half of Nebraska and the north-central portion of Kansas. The basin lies between the Cambridge Arch-Central Kansas Uplift Province (5053) on the west, the Nemaha Uplift Province (5055) to the east, the Sioux Arch Province (5032) to the north, and a poorly defined structural saddle, separating the Salina Basin and the Sedgwick Basin Province (5059), to the south. In addition to the structural boundaries, the basin is further defined by the zero isopach of Mississippian rocks. Most of the Salina Basin is nonproductive. Maturity of potential source rocks (Simpson, Chattanooga) decreases in a northwest direction from the Forest City Basin. Although large areas of the Salina Basin remain untested, 600 wildcat wells have been drilled in the nonproductive portion, and despite numerous oil shows, there has been no commercial discovery in over 60 years of exploration. The lack of an organic-rich facies (due to thinning of the Simpson westward from the Forest City Basin towards the Central Kansas Uplift).