South Platte Decision Support System (SPDSS) Well Installation and Aquifer Testing in Shallow Alluvial and Bedrock Aquifers, Adams County, Colorado

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The South Platte Decision Support System (SPDSS) is a data base system being developed by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) to provide water users, managers, and State of Colorado agencies access to important information related to water management issues affecting the South Platte River system.

The CWCB South Platte Decision Support System project data-collection activities for 2004 include monitoring well installation and aquifer testing in the South Platte River alluvial and bedrock aquifers. As part of the South Platte (SPLT) National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) program Wheat Agricultural Land-Use study (Wheat AgLUS), the USGS Colorado District completed 30 shallow alluvial and bedrock ground-water monitoring wells in the vicinity of the Lost Creek Designated Ground-Water Basin where additional hydrogeologic data are needed for the SPDSS.

For this project, two additional monitoring wells paired with existing South Platte NAWQA wells will be installed to monitor vertical hyraulic gradients in the South Platte alluvial aquifer. The scope of work for this project also includes aquifer testing of up to 12 of the South Platte NAWQA wells and the two new paired monitoring wells. Aquifer tests will be single-well drawdown/recovery or "slug" tests. Data will be analyzed using standard slug-test analysis techniques.



To collect additional aquifer property data for shallow alluvial and bedrock aquifers in the Adams County, Colorado.