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The Community for Data Integration has announced thirteen proposals to be supported in FY2022. This year’s request for proposals focused on the themes of enabling data connection, data readiness, and data comprehension, and advancing data equity for underserved communities.


Building a USGS community for FAIR & integrated modeling​

Bagstad, Kenneth​ - Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center​

Separating the land from the sea: image segmentation in support of coastal hazards research and community early warning systems​

Buckley​, Mark - St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center

Terrain change time machine: creating LiDAR-like historical elevation data​

DeWitt​, Jessica - Florence Bascom Geoscience Center​

Enhancing Decision Support with Restoration Project Data Pipelines​

Duda​, Jeffrey - Western Fisheries Research Center​

Engaging Indigenous Communities to Co-Design a Real-time Monitoring Application to Protect Important Socio-Cultural and Ecological Areas​

Haider, Saira​ - Wetland and Aquatic Research Center​

Quantifying landcover drivers of urban extreme heat by generating nationwide and city-specific analytical models​

Ibsen​, Peter - Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center​

An open-source interactive time series viewer for geophysical data​

Peacock, Jared​ - Geology, Minerals, Energy, and Geophysics Science Center​

Database tools for standardization & automation of eDNA workflows​

Pilliod, David​ - Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center​

Circle Round the River: A Summit for Collaborative Sharing of Flood Knowledge with Tribal Colleges and Tribal Environmental Professionals​

Ryberg​, Karen - Dakota Water Science Center​

Automatic Cleaning of Time Series Data from Environmental Sensors for Watershed Monitoring​

Shanley, James​ - New England Water Science Center​

CorVis: A lidar point cloud tool for visualization and analysis of corridors such as hydrologic, energy, and transportation networks​

Shavers, Ethan​ - National Geospatial Technical Operations Center​

Enhancing usability of 3DEP data and web services with Jupyter notebooks​

Stoker, Jason​ - National Geospatial Program

Seg2Map: New Tools for ML-based Segmentation of Geospatial Imagery​

Warrick​, Jonathan - Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center​

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