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The Community for Data Integration announces eleven proposals to be supported in FY2024. This year’s request for proposals focused on the themes of advancing open science and implementing the USGS Data Strategy.

Building a roadmap to integrate freshwater wetlands into the National Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory
Sheel Bansal

Beginners Git, GitLab & Software Release Carpentries-like Training for USGS Personnel to Facilitate Open Science
Saira Haider

Making water tracing rock solid: national, geologic map-based visualization of USGS water strontium isotope data
Adam M Hudson

Expansion of the Geophysical Survey (GS) data standard and open-source tools
Stephanie R James

Enhancing ArcGIS Survey123 to improve rangeland and aquatic data collection
Susan K Kemp

SeeOtter: Improving software for AI-assisted processing of imagery for wildlife surveys
Nicole L LaRoche

3DEPPCC: An automated DL-based point cloud classification tool on 3DEP point clouds
Jung-kuan Liu

Low Distortion Map Projections for the Artemis III Candidate Landing Sites 
Mark T McClernan

USGS Data in K-12 Education: Inspiring Future Scientists
Emily E Sesno

A National Tool for Graphing and Synthesizing Continuous and Discrete Water-Quality Data
Kimberly H Shaffer

Developing Inter-agency Templates for FAIR genetic data archiving  
Amy G Vandergast

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