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Assembling data and presenting it in a meaningful way becomes increasingly important as natural resource issues span larger and larger geographic, political, organizational, and scientific boundaries. The Information Science Branch helps design, develop, and implement applications that allow USGS Centers, programs, and projects to securely store, document, integrate, and share datasets. These efforts support all USGS Mission Areas and multiple Department of the Interior bureaus, as well as collaborations with universities and non-government organizations.

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ScienceBase - Principal Investigator - John (Dell) Long

The Information Science Branch provides Agile project management, technical oversight, software research and development, and architectural support to the USGS ScienceBase project. ScienceBase provides a number of features that scientists can use to build data collections, share data through web services, and ensure these data are preserved for use by future researchers. The project involves core research on linked open data, vocabularies, repository services, security, code management, and handling of large datasets. ScienceBase addresses not only data integration activities, but also how to drive integration to intelligence. The ultimate goal of ScienceBase is to help researchers answer fundamental questions by providing connections among data, locations, and people.