Incorporating Genetic Data into Spatially-explicit Population Viability Models for Gunnison Sage-grouse

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This goal of this study is to develop a spatially explicit habitat-population modeling framework to assess the viability of Gunnison Sage-grouse and each of the seven populations (Gunnison Basin and six satellite populations).

Components of this process include characterizing habitat for the Gunnison Basin and satellite populations, developing a spatially explicit individual-based model, simulating population dynamics and persistence to identify population thresholds and characterize population resiliency, redundancy, and representation (and indicating possible strategies for improvements to these), quantifying the impacts of alternative habitat restoration and translocation strategies on regional and local population persistence, comparing model outcomes to previous PVA approaches and results, and setting the stage for future model applications that comprehensively address specific threats and stressors (e.g., climate change). This research is in collaboration with Colorado State University.