Observation and Monitoring Networks

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National observation and monitoring networks, regardless of their target observation type, share many common needs. Not the least of these needs is the data assembly framework employed by the network - the flow of many types of collected data into a common processing, analysis, and visualization engine. The Information Science Branch uses experiences from similar software and infrastructure development projects to provide cost-efficient and well-tested options to ecological, climatological, and biogeochemical networks. Leveraging existing, and using research from novel technologies, allows large scale observation and monitoring efforts to establish complex environments to deploy models, design workflows to capture field data and metadata, and coordinate long-term persistence of collected data.

Image: Alaskan Pipeline

Trans-Alaska Pipeline, northern Brooks Range, Alaska. Public domain.

Biogeographic Information System - Principal Investigator - Dell Long

The USGS Core Science Analytics and Synthesis and Library (CSAS&L) program coordinates multiple observation and measurement projects that generate multiple terabytes of publishable data. The Information Science Branch is collaborating with CSAS&L to design and build a dynamic data assembly pipeline for data collected by these projects. The pipeline includes numerous data transformation agents and visualization portals designed to meet the needs of many national observation and measurement programs.