Wind Energy and Wildlife Team (FRESC)

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FRESC's Wind Energy and Wildlife Team is lead by Manuela Huso. She and her team are involved in design and analysis of post-construction fatality monitoring studies as well as deterrent and curtailment studies at several wind-power generation facilities.

The team's current research:

  • Predicts fatality from weather variables
  • Investigates the hypothesis that some bat species might be attracted to wind turbines
  • Tests the potential for reducing bat fatality through deterrent or other adaptive management techniques
  • Explores approaches to increase the efficiency of monitoring, particularly by searching only roads and pads, in order to reduce the financial burden imposed on industry without sacrificing accuracy and precision of the estimated fatality


Recent statistical work has focused on developing unbiased estimators of turbine-caused fatality, both for understanding general patterns of fatality in large groups, such as raptors, passerines or bats, and also for the problematic case of rare or endangered species.


Learn more about the Team's research by visiting the Applied Statistical Methods and Tools and Effects of Wind and Solar Energy Development on Wildlife webpages.


Principal Investigator

Huso, Manuela M. - Supervisory Research Biological Statistician

Federal Staff

Dalthorp, Daniel - Statistician