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June 30, 2022

Sharing knowledge on Imperiled Species Restoration and Invasive Species Control projects using two species of lamprey, in a cross-country collaboration 

Research Ecologist, Nick Johnson, and Fishery Technician, Trisha Searcy (GLSC, Millersburg, Michigan) traveled to Prosser, Washington, to participate in a hands-on learning exchange with the Yakama Nation Pacific Lamprey Restoration Team, namely: Ralph Lampman, Dave’y Lumley, Tyler Beals, Zane Ketchen, and Shekinah Saluskin. The biologist from the Yakama Nation have been instrumental in elevating the importance of restoring native lampreys to the Pacific Northwest and are leading experts in how to propagate and mark lampreys for tagging studies. Trisha and Nick participated June 12-17 in all aspects of lamprey propagation and tagging, helped conduct a novel study evaluating eRNA in lampreys, and extracted lamprey pheromones from local rivers. The learning exchange will continue when members of the Yakama Nation Team travel to Hammond Bay Biological Station in Millersburg, Michigan, in July to participate in sea lamprey control, propagation, and assessment projects.

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