Wood River Valley Groundwater-Flow Model

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Rapid population growth in the Wood River Valley since the 1970s has caused concern about the long-term sustainability of the groundwater resource. Water-resource planners and managers, as well as other decision makers, need a tool for water rights administration and water-resource management and planning.

In cooperation with the Idaho Department of Water Resources, the USGS used a collaborative, transparent approach to construct and refine a MODFLOW numerical groundwater-flow model to simulate potential anthropogenic and climatic effects on groundwater and surface-water resources. Model development drew heavily from information from USGS studies done in cooperation with Blaine County, City of Hailey, City of Ketchum, The Nature Conservancy, City of Sun Valley, Sun Valley Water and Sewer District, Blaine Soil Conservation District, City of Bellevue, and Citizens for Smart Growth.