Wood River Valley Hydrogeologic Framework

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To make scientifically based water-resource decisions, elected officials, water managers, and the general public need additional information about the Wood River Valley aquifer system. A crucial part of this information is an improved understanding of the extent, thickness, and hydraulic properties of the aquifer—a hydrogeologic framework.

In cooperation with local agencies and organizations, we developed an updated hydrogeologic framework of the Wood River Valley aquifer system including some areas that have not been assessed by previous investigators. The updated framework is based on a review and interpretation of 3,000 drilling reports, geologic maps, previous work, and geophysical surveys conducted for the study. The description of the hydrogeologic framework includes:

  • The approximate altitude of the bedrock surface that marks the lower boundary of the aquifer system and the top of Quaternary-age basalts that are part of the aquifer system
  • The occurrence of Quaternary-age coarse- and fine-grained alluvium and basalt that constitute the Wood River Valley aquifer system
  • The distribution of hydraulic conductivity within the aquifer system.