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The John Wesley Powell Center for Earth System Science Analysis and Synthesis fosters innovative thinking in Earth system science through collaborative synthesis activities. This mission is driven by the recognition that synthesis is critical to solving complex problems facing Society.

We invite interdisciplinary Working Groups comprised of USGS researchers and their national and international colleagues in academia, government, business and non-governmental organizations to submit proposals. Working Groups collaborate to promote understanding through analysis of existing data and information. The Powell Center seeks projects that address development and testing of important Earth system science ideas and theories using existing data, cutting-edge analysis of Earth system information, and use of sound science in policy and management decisions. Proposals that consider and address National Science Foundation Big Ideas are also welcome ( Proposals are evaluated for scientific merit, novel approaches, and rationale for conducting investigative activities at the Powell Center. Instructions for proposal preparation and submission are available under Proposal Resources at:

The Powell Center supports synthesis Working Groups affiliated with the National Science Foundation Critical Zone Collaborative Network. CZ Net proposals are due January 31 and should be submitted through the Powell Center proposal portal. CZ Net proposals are evaluated by the Critical Zone Network Advisory Committee.

Powell Center Proposal Deadline: January 31, 2024

CZ Collaborative Proposal Deadline: January 31, 2024


 “How To” Webinar: When: November 17, 2022, at 11am MT/1pm ET

Dr. Jill Baron, Director of the Powell Center, annually presents a webinar on how to develop strong synthesis proposals for Working Group consideration. The webinar is designed to provide insights to increase your understanding of the Powell Center and the proposal process. Here is a link to the slides from last year if you missed this call.


For additional information on the proposal process, contact Dr. Jill Baron at or Dr. Martin Goldhaber at

For additional information on the webinar, contact


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