Mendenhall Research Fellowship Program

Research Opportunities

Overview: Open Research Opportunities will be filled depending on the availability of funds. All application materials must be submitted through USAJobs by 11:59 pm, US Eastern Standard Time, on the closing date.

Role of Research Advisors: Research Advisors direct project work and are those scientists with whom the Mendenhall Fellows will work most closely. One of the first steps in the preparation of an application package is establishing contact with the Research Advisor(s) to coordinate the development of a research proposal. Research Advisors also answer questions about a Research Opportunity and review application materials.

Role of Human Resources Office Contacts: The Human Resources Office receives and screens application materials, provides application materials for technical review and selection, reviews the backgrounds of the final candidates to make sure they are qualified for the opportunities, and makes the official job offers. The Human Resources Office is also available to provide information regarding the recruitment process and the status of applications.


Mendenhall - Current Research Opportunities (updated 7/21/2020)

Our annual cycle of opportunities will be available September 30, 2020! Individual opportunities are also advertised throughout the year, so check back often to look for open positions!

RO # Research Opportunity Title Proposed Duty Station Research Advisor(s) Closing Date Apply Here
S49 Geomorphology of landscapes altered by wildfires and humans Moffett Field, CA Jonathan Stock, Jonathan Perkins, Corina Cerovski-Darriau, Kevin Schmidt, Kim Perkins 5/01/2020 Closed
S48 Developing quantitative models for ecological transport processes in rivers Columbia, MO Robert Jacobson 4/15/2020 Closed
18-2 Earthquake ground motions and seismic hazard in the Pacific Northwest Seattle, WA Erin Wirth, Art Frankel, Alex Grant, Morgan Moschetti, William Stephenson 1/06/2020 Closed
18-16 Investigating geomorphic evolution of salt marshes using coupled biophysical models Santa Cruz, CA or Woods Hole, MA Jesica Lacy, Neil Ganju 1/06/2020 Closed
18-17 Developing coral-based reconstructions of natural environmental variability in south Florida to better predict future impacts to ecosystems and coastal communities St. Petersburg, FL Lauren Toth, Julie Richey 1/06/2020 Closed
18-18 Geophysical investigation of the 2018 eruption of Kilauea Volcano Moffett Field, CA Kyle Anderson, Emily Montgomery-Brown, Ingrid Johanson, Paul Okubo 1/06/2020 Closed
18-22 Geophysical characterization of the Clear Lake Volcanic Field, California Menlo Park, CA Seth Burgess, Jared Peacock 1/06/2020 Closed
18-23 Predicting responses to sea level rise and restoration in diked salt marshes Woods Hole, MA Kevin Kroeger, Meagan Gonneea 1/06/2020 Closed
18-26 Reuse and treatment of high-salinity waters produced from hydrocarbon wells Reston, VA Jenna Shelton, Madalyn Blondes, Tanya Gallegos 1/06/2020 Closed
18-31 Geochronology and isotopic mapping of Alaska’s geologic and metallogenic domains Anchorage, AK Jamey Jones, Doug Kreiner, Chris Holm-Denoma, Kate Souders 1/06/2020 Closed
S36 Analysis of injection-induced seismicity for improved hazard mitigation Moffett Field, CA Justin Rubinstein, Elizabeth Cochran 09/25/2019 Closed