Mendenhall Research Fellowship Program

Research Opportunities

Overview: Open Research Opportunities will be filled depending on the availability of funds. All application materials must be submitted through USAJobs by 11:59 pm, US Eastern Standard Time, on the closing date.

Role of Research Advisors: Research Advisors direct project work and are those scientists with whom the Mendenhall Fellows will work most closely. One of the first steps in the preparation of an application package is establishing contact with the Research Advisor(s) to coordinate the development of a research proposal. Research Advisors also answer questions about a Research Opportunity and review application materials.

Role of Human Resources Office Contacts: The Human Resources Office receives and screens application materials, provides application materials for technical review and selection, reviews the backgrounds of the final candidates to make sure they are qualified for the opportunities, and makes the official job offers. The Human Resources Office is also available to provide information regarding the recruitment process and the status of applications.


Mendenhall - Current Research Opportunities (updated 1/21/2020)
RO # Research Opportunity Title Proposed Duty Station Research Advisor(s) Closing Date Apply Here
S46 Innovative land change science techniques and applications Sioux Falls, SD Jesslyn Brown, Kristi Sayler, Heather Tollerud 1/22/2020 Apply Here
S42 Improving regional earthquake-triggered landslide and liquefaction models for southeast Alaska and beyond Golden, CO Eric Thompson, Kate Allstadt, Randall Jibson, Alex Grant, Rob Witter 1/31/2020 Apply Here
18-1 Application of machine learning to ground motion forecasting for earthquake early warning Pasadena, CA or Moffett Field, CA Elizabeth Cochran, Sarah Minson, Stephen Wu, Zach Ross 1/06/2020 Closed
18-2 Earthquake ground motions and seismic hazard in the Pacific Northwest Seattle, WA Erin Wirth, Art Frankel, Alex Grant, Morgan Moschetti, William Stephenson 1/06/2020 Closed
18-3 Improving estimates of coseismic ground failure from recent earthquakes Moffett Field, CA Alex Grant, Jonathan Perkins, Randall Jibson 1/06/2020 Closed
18-4 Physics of earthquake ruptures in the shallow subsurface and the hazards they pose Moffett Field, CA or Pasadena, CA Sarah Minson, Ben Brooks, Elizabeth Cochran, Josie Nevitt 1/06/2020 Closed
18-5 Investigation of the variation of structural modal properties with vibration amplitude – utilizing recorded data from monitored buildings Moffett Field, CA Mehmet Celebi, Ertugrul Taciroglu 1/06/2020 Closed
18-6 Using converted wave imaging to probe the Cascadia and Alaska megathrusts Moffett Field, CA Jeffrey McGuire, Fred Pollitz 1/06/2020 Closed
18-7 Static vs. dynamic stress drops to characterize broadband earthquake rupture physics Moffett Field, CA Annemarie Baltay, Nick Beeler, Tom Hanks, Brian Kilgore, Ben Brooks 1/06/2020 Closed
18-8 Novel crustal deformation models for characterizing deformation rates with application to the Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast Moffett Field, CA Fred Pollitz, Jessica Murray, Sarah Minson, Yuehua Zeng 1/06/2020 Closed
18-9 New techniques for debris flow monitoring and model validation Golden, CO Kate Allstadt, Francis Rengers, Joel Smith, Weston Thelen, David George, Maciej Obryk 1/06/2020 Closed
18-10 Leveraging machine learning for next-generation global earthquake monitoring Golden, CO William Yeck, Paul Earle, Harley Benz, David Shelly, Gavin Hayes, Michelle Guy, Zachary Ross 1/06/2020 Closed
18-11 Towards non-ergodic ground motion models in the U.S. National Seismic Hazard Model Golden, CO Morgan Moschetti, Eric Thompson, Mark Petersen, Peter Powers, Brad Aagaard, Robert Graves 1/06/2020 Closed
18-12 Improved regional-scale assessment of rainfall-triggered and earthquake-induced landsliding by developing geomechanical transfer functions Golden, CO Ben Mirus, Rex Baum, Dani Or, Peter Lehmann, Ning Lu, Ben Leshchinsky, Kate Allstadt 1/06/2020 Closed
18-13 The role of US coral reefs and reef restoration in reducing coastal risk Santa Cruz, CA Curt Storlazzi, Li Erikson, Shay Viehman, Borja Reguero, Ap van Dongeren 1/06/2020 Closed
18-14 Geology and global context of deep-ocean marine minerals Santa Cruz, CA Amy Gartman, Sarah Hayes 1/06/2020 Closed
18-15 Remote sensing and data assimilation advances for modeling coastal change Santa Cruz, CA Sean Vitousek 1/06/2020 Closed
18-16 Investigating geomorphic evolution of salt marshes using coupled biophysical models Santa Cruz, CA or Woods Hole, MA Jesica Lacy, Neil Ganju 1/06/2020 Closed
18-17 Developing coral-based reconstructions of natural environmental variability in south Florida to better predict future impacts to ecosystems and coastal communities St. Petersburg, FL Lauren Toth, Julie Richey 1/06/2020 Closed
18-18 Geophysical investigation of the 2018 eruption of Kilauea Volcano Moffett Field, CA Kyle Anderson, Emily Montgomery-Brown, Ingrid Johanson, Paul Okubo 1/06/2020 Closed
18-19 The hazards and dynamics associated with deglaciation of the Yellowstone Plateau Volcanic Field: tectonics, magmatism, hydrothermal activity and landscape evolution Menlo Park, CA Shaul Hurwitz, Michael Poland, Mark Stelten, Joe Licciardi 1/06/2020 Closed
18-20 Magma-physics based models of unrest at California’s volcanoes Moffett Field, CA Emily Montgomery-Brown, Kyle Anderson, Maurizio Battaglia, Michael Clynne, Steven Ingebritsen 1/06/2020 Closed
18-21 Machine learning for the detection, identification, and location of volcanic seismicity Moffett Field, CA Phillip Dawson, Alicia J Hotovec-Ellis, Matt Haney, Aaron Wech, Seth Moran, Weston Thelen, Brian Shiro 1/06/2020 Closed
18-22 Geophysical characterization of the Clear Lake Volcanic Field, California Menlo Park, CA Seth Burgess, Jared Peacock 1/06/2020 Closed
18-23 Predicting responses to sea level rise and restoration in diked salt marshes Woods Hole, MA Kevin Kroeger, Meagan Gonneea 1/06/2020 Closed
18-24 Using ocean bottom seismograph (OBS) data for natural hazard studies Woods Hole, MA Uri ten Brink, Nathan Miller 1/06/2020 Closed
18-25 Revitalization of hydraulically fractured shale oil and gas wells through enhanced microbial natural gas production Reston, VA or Helena, MT William Orem, Elliott Barnhart, Leslie Ruppert, Jenna Shelton, Matthew Varonka 1/06/2020 Closed
18-26 Reuse and treatment of high-salinity waters produced from hydrocarbon wells Reston, VA Jenna Shelton, Madalyn Blondes, Tanya Gallegos 1/06/2020 Closed
18-27 Evaluating mineral resources on Mars for exploration and colonization Lakewood, CO Gregg Swayze 1/06/2020 Closed
18-28 Integrated hyperspectral, geological, and geochemical approaches to characterizing epithermal mineralization and hydrothermal systems Lakewood, CO Raymond Kokaly, JoAnn Holloway 1/06/2020 Closed
18-29 Geophysical characterization of critical mineral and geothermal resources in the western U.S. Moffett Field, CA Jared Peacock 1/06/2020 Closed
18-30 Application of high spatial resolution airborne and UAS image sources for hyperspectral studies of critical minerals, geologic mapping, and/or characterization of abandoned mine lands Reston, VA Bernard Hubbard, John Mars 1/06/2020 Closed
18-31 Geochronology and isotopic mapping of Alaska’s geologic and metallogenic domains Anchorage, AK Jamey Jones, Doug Kreiner, Chris Holm-Denoma, Kate Souders 1/06/2020 Closed
18-32 Integrating energy, mineral, and other natural resource assessments Denver, CO or Reston, VA Karen Jenni, Emily Pindilli, Seth Haines, Darius Semmens, Jay Diffendorfer 1/06/2020 Closed
S45 Applying radiogenic isotope geochemistry to enhance geologic framework models Lakewood, CO James Paces, Joseph Colgan 11/15/2019 Closed
S44 Modeling post-wildfire debris-flow inundation Golden, CO Jason Kean, Dennis Staley, Francis Rengers 11/01/2019 Closed
S38 Improved understanding of seismic hazard in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta region Menlo Park, CA Stephen DeLong, Belle Philibosian,
Kate Scharer, Keith Knudsen
10/04/2019 Closed
S36 Analysis of injection-induced seismicity for improved hazard mitigation Moffett Field, CA Justin Rubinstein, Elizabeth Cochran 09/25/2019 Closed
S39 Research computing for the advancement of Earth science Lakewood, CO Jeff Falgout 09/20/2019 Closed
S41 Geochronology of mineralizing systems Lakewood, CO Michael Cosca, Leah Morgan 09/06/2019 Closed
S40 Geologic mapping investigation of southeasternmost coastal plain basement rocks in and near Florida Reston, VA Wright Horton, Ryan McAleer 09/06/2019 Closed
S37 Understanding the regional 3D structural evolution of the Intermountain West through time Lakewood, CO Joseph Colgan 09/06/2019 Closed