Mendenhall Research Fellowship Program

Research Opportunities

Overview: Open Research Opportunities will be filled depending on the availability of funds. All application materials must be submitted through USAJobs by 11:59 pm, US Eastern Standard Time, on the closing date.

Role of Research Advisors: Research Advisors direct project work and are those scientists with whom the Mendenhall Fellows will work most closely. One of the first steps in the preparation of an application package is establishing contact with the Research Advisor(s) to coordinate the development of a research proposal. Research Advisors also answer questions about a Research Opportunity and review application materials.

Role of Human Resources Office Contacts: The Human Resources Office receives and screens application materials, provides application materials for technical review and selection, reviews the backgrounds of the final candidates to make sure they are qualified for the opportunities, and makes the official job offers. The Human Resources Office is also available to provide information regarding the recruitment process and the status of applications.


Mendenhall - Current Research Opportunities (updated 6/28/2021)

Individual opportunities are advertised throughout the year, so check back often to look for new positions! Please communicate with individual Research Advisor(s) to discuss project ideas and answer specific questions about the Research Opportunity. General inquiries can be sent to the Mendenhall Program email box:

RO # Research Opportunity Title Proposed Duty Station Research Advisor(s) Closing Date Apply Here
S57 Knowledge engineering of topographic features Rolla, MO  or Lakewood, CO Samantha T. Arundel 7/30/2021 Apply 
S55 Streamflow, sediment, and morphodynamic modeling of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon Flagstaff, AZ Paul Grams, Jonathan Nelson, Scott Wright, Erich Mueller, David Topping 6/14/2021 Closed
S58 Natural Resource Economist for improving invasive species management Gainesville, FL Wesley Daniel, Julien Martin 5/28/2021 Closed
S56 Investigating the response of coastal wetlands to sea-level rise (SLR): Understanding how macroscale drivers influence local processes and feedbacks Laurel, MD Glenn Guntenspergen, James Grace, Joel Carr, Karen Thorne 6/1/2021 Closed
S53 Monitoring inland water features using fused ground and satellite radar observations Leetown,WV 
Reston, VA or other USGS office in the U.S.
Jack Eggleston, Cédric David, Renato Frasson, Chris Crawford, John Jones, Dave Bjerklie, Sang-Ho Yun 4/30/2021 Closed
S54 Coastal wetland responses to extreme events: providing a historical perspective to better anticipate the future Lafayette, LA Michael Osland, Nicholas Enwright, Jim Grace, Camille Stagg, Ken Krauss 4/5/2021 Closed
19-1 Broadband earthquake rupture physics Moffett Field, CA or Menlo Park, CA Annemarie Baltay, Tom Hanks, Ben Brooks, Josie Nevitt, Brian Kilgore, Nick Beeler, Ben Melosh 1/04/2021 Closed
19-2 Earthquake rupture and the brittle-ductile transition: A Subduction Zone Science Team Project Moffett Field, CA or Menlo Park, CA Nick Beeler, Jeff McGuire, Tom Hanks, David Lockner, Annemarie Baltay 1/04/2021 Closed
19-3 Application of machine learning to forecasting ground motion characteristics and their evolution Pasadena, CA, or Moffett Field, CA Elizabeth Cochran, Sarah Minson, Clara Yoon, Annemarie Baltay 1/04/2021 Closed
19-4 Geotechnical investigations of submarine and subaerial slope stability in the Cascadia Subduction Zone: A Subduction Zone Science Team Project Moffett Field, CA; Santa Cruz, CA; or Seattle, WA Alex Grant, Jenna Hill, Danny Brothers, Jonathan Perkins, Joan Gomberg 1/04/2021 Closed
19-5 Next generation aftershock and earthquake forecasting methods and products Moffett Field, CA; Pasadena, CA; Golden, CO Andrew Michael, Jeanne Hardebeck, Sara McBride, Anne Wein, Ned Field, Andrea Llenos, Morgan Page, Nicholas van der Elst 1/04/2021 Closed
19-7 Sediment yield from watersheds on the U.S. West Coast: Projecting effects of future climate and river management Santa Cruz, CA Amy East, Joel Sankey, Jonathan Warrick 1/04/2021 Closed
19-8 Geology, geochemistry and global context of deep-ocean marine minerals Santa Cruz, CA Amy Gartman, Sarah Hayes, Douglas Kreiner 1/04/2021 Closed
19-9 Satellite remote-sensing advances for monitoring, analyzing, and predicting coastal change hazards Santa Cruz, CA Sean Vitousek 1/04/2021 Closed
19-10 Improving coastal change hazards forecasts St. Petersburg, FL Margaret Palmsten, Mark Buckley 1/04/2021 Closed
19-11 Connecting coastal change hazards to societally important risk assessments St. Petersburg, FL; Woods Hole, MA Margaret Palmsten, Erika Lentz, Amanda Cravens, Emily Himmelstoss 1/04/2021 Closed
19-12 Dynamic likelihood forecasts for coastal wetland landscapes Woods Hole, MA Meagan Eagle Gonneea, Erika Lentz 1/04/2021 Closed
19-13 Seismic imaging of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Hilo, Hawaii Ninfa Bennington, Roger Denlinger, Ashton Flinders, Guoqing Lin, Matt Haney, Nori Nakata, Daniel O'Connell 1/04/2021 Closed
19-14 Frequency and sources of the largest explosive eruptions in Alaska from ocean core archives: Subduction zone science team project Anchorage, Alaska Matthew Loewen, Kristi Wallace, Michelle Coombs, Jason Addison, Seth Burgess, Mark Stelten 1/04/2021 Closed
19-15 Magma-physics based models of unrest at volcanoes in the continental western USA Moffett Field, CA; Vancouver, WA Emily Montgomery-Brown, Kyle Anderson, Jennifer Lynn Lewicki, Peter Kelly, Alicia Hotovec-Ellis, Chuck Wicks 1/04/2021 Closed
19-16 Developing a mixed-volatile solubility model for common hazardous magmas Menlo Park, CA; Moffett Field, CA Tom, Sisson, Dawnika Blatter, Peter Kelly 1/04/2021 Closed
19-17 Distributed volcanism and distributed volcanic hazards in the U.S. Intermountain West Vancouver, WA Wendy Stovall, Michael Poland, Emily Johnson, Mark Stelten, Michael Ort, Charles (Chuck) Connor 1/04/2021 Closed
19-18 Volcanic lightning for early warning and characterization of explosive eruptions—A Subduction Zone Science Team Project Anchorage, AK or Vancouver, WA Alexa Van Eaton, Larry Mastin, Matt Haney, David Schneider, Michael Pavolonis, Hans Schwaiger 1/04/2021 Closed
19-19 Frontline and under-served communities: Multi-hazard research, engagement, and products to inform risk reduction Moffett Field, CA Anne Wein, Karen Jenni, Kristin Ludwig, David Damby, Patrick Barnard, Stephen Jackson, Sara McBride 1/04/2021 Closed
19-22 Testing the 2018 National Seismic Hazard Model Golden, CO Mark Petersen, Peter Powers, Allison Shumway, Kishor Jaiswal, Ned Field, Susan Hough, Sarah Minson, Annemarie Baltay 1/04/2021 Closed
19-24 Rapid, robust characterization of earthquake uncertainties for advanced monitoring and research applications Golden, CO David Shelly, Paul Stanton Earle, William Yeck, Sarah Minson 1/04/2021 Closed
19-25 Applications of full-waveform inversion for high-resolution seismic velocity models and site response in support of earthquake ground motion investigations  Golden, CO William Stephenson, Oliver Boyd, Morgan Moschetti, Ebru Bozdag, Arthur Frankel 1/04/2021 Closed
19-26 Developing socially equitable USGS earthquake risk strategies and solutions Golden, CO David Wald, Kristin Ludwig, Lori Peek 1/04/2021 Closed
19-28 Towards a National landslide susceptibility map of the United States Golden, CO Ben Mirus, Nathan Wood, Kate Allstadt, Dani Or, Ben Leshchinski, Matt Crawford 1/04/2021 Closed
19-31 Three-dimensional geophysical imaging of subsurface geology associated with critical mineral deposits in the northeastern U.S. Lakewood, CO Anjana (Anji) Shah, Gregory Walsh 1/04/2021 Closed
19-33 Machine learning and the next generation of geothermal energy assessments Portland, OR or Moffett Field, CA Erick Burns, John Lipor, Jonathan Glen, Drew Siler, Jake DeAngelo, Andy Barbour, Colin Williams 1/04/2021 Closed
19-34 Paleo fluid model for critical minerals on the Colorado Plateau Lakewood, CO Susan Hall, Bradley Van Gosen 1/04/2021 Closed
19-35 Ecological and climactic influences on human tick-borne illness Bozeman, MT Paul Cross, Danielle Buttke, Howard Ginsberg 1/04/2021 Closed
19-36 Natural Resource Economist for improving invasive species management Gainesville, FL Wesley Daniel, Julien Martin 1/04/2021 Closed
19-39 Land Change Monitoring, Assessment, and Projection (LCMAP): Translating imagery and weather into predictions of surface reflectance Sioux Falls, SD or Santa Barbara, CA Heather Tollerud, Chris Funk 1/04/2021 Closed
19-41 Development of water monitoring systems based on fusion of ground and multi-sensor satellite data and application of machine learning Leetown, WV; Reston, VA; or Location where there is a USGS Office Jack Eggleston, John Jones, Jordan Read, Alison Appling, Roland Viger, Janice Gordon, Jeff Falgout 1/04/2021 Closed
19-42 Wildfire impacts on water availability in the Upper Colorado Basin Lakewood, CO Brian Ebel, Michelle Walvoord, Sheila Murphy 1/04/2021 Closed