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Additional Employment Information

Mendenhall Research Opportunities are in the excepted service and are filled through a Schedule A noncompetitive appointing authority. Appointments do not confer competitive or permanent status in the Federal Government nor are they subject to competitive examining procedures.

General Information

Travel, transportation, and relocation expenses will not be paid by the Federal Government. Any travel, transportation, and relocation expenses associated with reporting for duty in this position will be the responsibility of the selectee.

Mendenhall Fellows are appointed to the USGS for two years and receive full salary and benefits at the GS-12 level, step 1. The salary might vary according to the amount of locality pay or cost-of-living allowance (COLA) for the geographic area of the assignment. The appropriate Human Resources Office contact can provide further information upon request.

Mendenhall Fellow appointments are temporary, not to exceed two years, are full-time, and may be terminated at any time. However, should it become necessary to separate an individual prior to the expiration date, appropriate procedures will be used and information provided of any corresponding rights. The appointment may, in certain circumstances, be extended for up to an additional two years, though this is rare.

The person selected for an opportunity will automatically be covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System, and is eligible to elect coverage under the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program and the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. He/she will also earn annual and sick leave.

The person selected for this opportunity must identify a financial institution for direct deposit of pay.

Veterans Preference

Applicants claiming 10-point veterans' preference, must submit a DD-214, SF-15 and supporting documents (e.g., official statement from the Department of Veterans' Affairs) within 48 hours of the closing date of this announcement. If applicants fail to do so, they will only be granted 5-point tentative preference if appropriate. Required documents may be emailed, faxed, mailed or hand delivered to the servicing personnel office (see ‘Personnel Office Contact’). For more information on veterans' preference, visit:

Personally Identifiable Information/Privacy

The Social Security Number is requested under the authority of Executive Order 9397 to uniquely identify records from those of other applicants who have the same name. As allowed by law or Presidential directive, the SSN is used if information is needed from employers, schools, banks, and others. Please only include your Social Security Number once in your package of materials (preferably on the resume or cover letter). Do NOT put your Social Security Number on each page of your application package.

Application packages may contain information subject to the Privacy Act (P.L. 93-579, 5 USC 552a). The information is used to determine qualifications for employment and is authorized under Title 5, USC, Section 3302 and 3361.

Conditions of Employment

The person selected for this opportunity will be required to complete a “Declaration of Federal Employment” (OF-306), prior to being appointed to determine his/her suitability for Federal employment and to authorize a background investigation. Before being hired, selectees will be required to sign and certify the accuracy of the information in the application package. Failure to answer all questions truthfully and completely or providing false statements on the application may be grounds for not hiring the applicant, for dismissing the applicant after he/she begins work or taking other disciplinary action, and may be punishable under fine or imprisonment (U.S. Code, Title 18, section 1001).

A background investigation will be required. Continued employment will be subject to the applicant's successful completion of a background security investigation and favorable adjudication. Failure to successfully meet these requirements will be grounds for termination.

Male applicants born after December 31,1959, must certify that they have registered with the Selective Service System, or are exempt from having to do so under Selective Service Law.

USGS employees are subject to Title 43, USC Section 31(a) and may not: (a) have any personal, private, direct or indirect interest in lands or mineral wealth of lands under survey; (b) have any substantial personal, private, or direct or indirect interest in any private mining or mineral enterprise doing business with the United States; or (c) execute surveys or examinations for private parties or corporations.

Fair and Transparent Hiring Process

Recruitment methods and selection procedures will be based solely on merit after fair and open competition and will be made without regard to political, religious, or labor organization affiliation or nonaffiliation, marital status, race, color, sex, national origin, disqualifying physical handicap, sexual orientation, or age.

This agency provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities.