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Join us in welcoming our recently hired staff at the New England Water Science Center.

Alison Carter
Alison Carter, Student Trainee, Massachusetts Office

Allison Carter grew up in Raynham, Massachusetts, and is going into her senior year at Bridgewater State University working towards a Bachelor of Science in geological sciences and a minor in geography. She loves the outdoors, traveling to National Parks and hopes to visit more in the future. Allison is looking forward to the opportunities presented to her as a Student Trainee intern at the New England Water Science Center. In her free times she loves to hike, kayak, and play tennis.  
William Christman
William Christman – Student Trainee (Hydrology), Maine Office

Will Christman is majoring Earth and environmental science at the University of Maine at Farmington. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a master’s degree. Outside of school and work, Will splits his time volunteering, whether it’s for the Maine Department of Marine Resources aiding the Atlantic Salmon restoration effort, or for his local fair. His hobbies include hiking, restoring antiquities and electronics, and taking care of the family farm.
Addie Hedges
Addie Hedges, Physical Scientist, Vermont Office

Addie is a recent graduate from the University of Florida Online with a bachelor's in geography and environmental geosciences. While getting her degree, she spent a portion of her time working with the Indiana Geological and Water Survey on groundwater and meteorological monitoring projects. Addie is looking forward to gaining more skills in water monitoring and learning more about water quality. After growing up in Ohio and Florida, she is excited to explore the terrain of Vermont and enjoy all that the Northeast has to offer! 

Sarah Murphy
Sarah Murphy, Hydrologist, Connecticut Office

Sarah Murphy grew up in Monmouth, Maine, where she attended Monmouth Academy. In 2015, she earned a bachelor’s degree in atmospheric sciences with minors in mathematics and physics from Vermont State University at Lyndon. During the summer between undergraduate and graduate school, Sarah worked at the Center for Severe Weather Research chasing nocturnal storms across the central United States. She began her graduate career in environmental engineering at Washington State University in eastern Washington state in the fall of 2015. Sarah’s dissertation focused on atmosphere-surface interactions in weather models over first-year sea ice, which allowed her to conduct field work in Greenland. While working on her Ph.D., she developed a passion for Python and everything related to computers and programming. In 2019, Sarah was awarded DOE’s Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program fellowship, which allowed her to work with scientists at the Pacific Northwest National laboratory to further her atmospheric modeling studies. She is thrilled to return to New England to work on projects closer to home with the USGS New England Water Science Center. In her free time, Sarah enjoys bird watching with her cat Flame.
Olivia Porter
Olivia Porter, Student Trainee, Connecticut Office

Olivia ‘Livy’ Porter has joined the Water Quality Networks Section of the New England Water Science Center as a student trainee. She is currently completing her Master of Science in Environmental Science from Unity College. Livy has a Bachelor of Science in environmental health from University of Massachusetts-Amherst and a graduate certificate in environmental public health science from Boston University. She is a certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR) through NOLS, and she has worked as a lifeguard through the Red Cross. Professionally, Livy has worked as a counselor, unit leader, and waterfront director at the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s residential summer camp. While growing in that organization, she developed and taught environmental programs for children between the ages of 8 and 18, led hikes around the mountains of New England, and trained staff in first aid, mental health awareness, and water safety procedures, including training lifeguards Outside of work and her studies, Livy enjoys being active, either going for a paddle, taking pilates or barre classes, and going on nature walks and hikes. Her favorite at-home activity is gardening and taking care of her houseplants. She is very excited to join USGS within the New England Water Science Center.

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