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Join us in welcoming our recently hired staff at the New England Water Science Center.

Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins, Physical Scientist, Maine Office

Andrew is excited to join the Statistical and Geospatial Section of the New England Water Science Center, and return to his home state of Maine. He previously worked for the USGS Geologic Hazards Science Center in Golden, Colorado, studying landslides. After earning a Master of Science in geological sciences from The Ohio State University in 2015, Andrew worked as an environmental consultant in Ohio, a physical scientist for the National Park Service in Alaska, and a bathymetric LiDAR specialist in Colorado. His breadth of experience includes numerical and statistical modeling, geographic information systems/science and natural resource management. Andrew’s thrilled to be able to apply his expertise to the needs of Maine and beyond. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys playing the drums and bagpipes, skiing, hiking, camping and using power tools to keep his old house from falling down.

Amanda Hartstein
Amanda Hartstein, Hydrologic Technician, Massachusetts Office

Amanda was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, and earned a Bachelor of Science in geology from Indiana University-Purdue University of Fort Wayne. During college, she assisted the research of several professors by doing field and laboratory work on Indiana limestone and Antarctic fossil diatoms, as well as working in a soil nutrient testing lab. Amanda studied microplastics in the sediment of the Platte River throughout Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming while earning her Master of Science in geology at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Amanda is excited to start her career with the USGS as a Hydrologic Technician at the New England Water Science Center. In her free time, she enjoys camping, hiking, gardening, cooking, reading, exploring new places and trying new things.
Maxwell Meadows
Maxwell Meadows, Hydrologist, Connecticut Office

Max joined the USGS in January 2023 to conduct multidisciplinary studies related to groundwater and surface water in New England. Prior to joining, he spent three years in environmental consulting where he worked on environmental investigations, monitoring, and remediation projects. After completing his Bachelor of Science in Earth sciences from Central Connecticut State University in 2017, he earned his Master of Science in biological and environmental Sciences from the University of Rhode Island in 2019. Max loves any activity related to the outdoors, but is keen on camping, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Max is excited to shift his career into pursuing science with the USGS in the region he calls home!
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith, Administrative Operations Assistant, New Hampshire Office

Raised in Kapolei, Hawai'i on the Island of O'ahu, by two U.S. Marines, Melissa joined the U.S. Marine Corps. in 2013. She served as a U.S. Marine for four years in Twentynine Palms, California. In addition to her parents, all of her siblings are U.S. Marines, including her identical twin sister. In 2017, Melissa moved to New Hampshire and worked as a file clerk for the Manchester VA Medical Center. She graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in accounting. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys painting, drawing, playing the piano, and reading. She also loves Disney and anime, and enjoys playing games like Pokemon, Minecraft, and League of Legends.
Virginia Stanley
Virginia Stanley, Hydrologic Technician, Connecticut Office

Virginia is originally from Wallingford, Connecticut. In 2021, she earned her bachelor’s degree in geology from Middlebury College in Vermont. While at school, Virginia took part in studies researching the Northeast’s recent tectonic history and landslide risk factors in Puerto Rico. She is excited to be back in Connecticut and to continue learning about hydrology in her new role as a Hydrologic Technician with the U.S. Geological Survey New England Water Science Center. Outside of work, Virginia enjoys running, biking, kayaking, skiing, woodworking, and playing with her dog.

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