Hydrologic Characterization of the Upper Hondo Basin, Lincoln County, New Mexico

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The upper Rio Hondo Basin occupies a drainage area of 585 square miles in south-central New Mexico and comprises three general hydrogeologic terranes: the higher elevation “Mountain Block,” the “Central Basin” piedmont area, and the lower elevation “Hondo Slope.”


Upper Rio Hondo Map, USGS New Mexico Water Science Center

Upper Rio Hondo Map, USGS New Mexico Water Science Center

(Public domain.)

Project Objective:

To conduct a comprehensive study of the water resources of the Upper Hondo Basin (fig. 1) that will improve the knowledge about hydrologic characteristics and address the concerns of stakeholders having interests in the Basin’s water resources. These concerns include a water-resources component (effects of wildfire and groundwater withdrawals in the upper parts of the basin on streamflow, groundwater levels, and spring discharge), stream-aquifer interaction (recharge rates and groundwater age) and a water-quality component (effects of wildfire throughout the hydrologic system).



As part of this study, bimonthly water-level measurements were made in several wells located throughout the Upper Rio Hondo Basin.

Link to NWISWeb Groundwater Levels - Monitoring Wells

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