The pollinator library: a decision-support tool for improving national pollinator conservation efforts

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Pollinator declines have emphasized the need for a greater understanding of plant-pollinator networks and land management activities that improve pollinator habitat.  At the request of USDA and FWS partners, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center created the Pollinator Library ( for managers and researchers interested in improving pollinator forage on federal and private lands.  The aim of the Pollinator Library, which is managed and created at the Center, is to support management and research of plant-pollinator systems by documenting, synthesizing, and disseminating information on flowers that are used by pollinators and other insects.  By providing free access to essential information, the Pollinator Library facilitates a better understanding of the foraging and habitat needs of flower-visiting insects and plant-pollinator systems.  Currently, the Pollinator Library hosts records of ≈27,000 pollinator and host plant interactions, including records from 13 states.