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The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Water Science Center Algal Biomass Laboratory processes samples for chlorophyll-a and nutrients.  The analytical data for chlorophyll-a and pheophytin provided by USGS [periphyton samples collected by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM)] are used by IDEM for water quality assessment and nutrient management planning.

Sample processing at the USGS IN-KY Water Science Center algal biomass lab

Each year, Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) samples approximately 70 randomly selected sites for nutrient concentrations and fish and invertebrate communities.

Once samples of seston and periphyton algae are collected by IDEM, they are analyzed for chlorophyll-a and pheophytin by the OKI algal biomass lab.

We conduct quality assurance which includes blanks, duplicates, calibration checks and comparison between results from the algal biomass laboratory and the USGS National Water Quality Lab.